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He is complex and fleshed out in a way that few fictional characters are. Note: This book meant so much to me that I was horrified to hear that Hollywood made it into a movie. There is no way this book could be captured on film. Luckily someone had the good sense to change the title -- probably a demand of Mr.

Irving -- but I have no intention of ever seeing it. Some of you may know that I have a hobby of comparing movies adaptations with the source material, but this book is the exception. I want to remember it in its pure form. Owen would want it that way. Solid four stars. This is book seven in my John Irving Challenge. Let it be known that I'm an idiot. Irving's books shouldn't be read this close together. He takes upwards of four years to write these fucking things, and reading them back-to-back only highlights the little repetitive details that an author will forget about in four-plus years.

I do not suggest being an idiot like me. Take your time with this author's back catalog. I'd say, they would be best read a year apart from each other. No Solid four stars. Now we digress for a while.

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This is going to be a lengthy diatribe followed by a review that will upset some people. You've been warned. If you're only here for my thoughts on this book, skip ahead to paragraph four, the following paragraph being paragraph 1. I love the Goodreads community. There are authors who stay away from what they call the "Shark Tank of the Reading Community," where dastardly, trollish reviewers circle, waiting for a badly-behaved author to cut themselves, inciting a feeding frenzy.

There are authors who literally believe Goodreads members have nothing better to do than to sit around waiting for authors to show the first sign of weakness. Then there are authors who use this site for marketing and what people in the restaurant business call table-touching. They hone their craft based on input garnered from reviews, and come to be active members who are here to help you with whatever questions you'd having regarding their latest book, or to host a giveaway, or maybe sometimes they also read and rate books, but never do they review because they don't want to cause waves.

Then you have authors like me. I will always be a reader first. A reader who has his own opinions, his own likes and dislikes, his own views of the world. I don't write reviews to sell books. I don't write reviews to gain fans.

In fact, I feel that sometimes my honest opinions damage me in the public eye more than they'll ever help me right, MommaCat? But, again, I write these for myself, or to give warnings to readers who enjoy or dislike the sames things as I.

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You will only ever receive my genuine feelings about a book. I don't participate in circle-jerk review swapping, I don't carpet bomb rivals or request that my fans do so, and I don't put on a happy face when someone pisses in my review corner in order to save face and keep acquaintances happy. I'm not that kinda dude. Don't like my opinions on books but like the stuff I write? Don't read my reviews. Better yet, don't follow me.

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Pretend I don't exist here on Goodreads, or social media in general. Wouldn't bother me a bit. I'm not here for a popularity contest. I'm not on Goodreads for any reason other than discussing books with friends. If you don't like when I don't fangirl over your favorite books, that's none of my concern.

If that twists your underwear in a knot and gives you a hemorrhoid, oh well. Because I'm not some dancing monkey here solely for your entertainment. I'm a human being with his own thoughts and tastes, and guess what that means? It means that, sometimes, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, we are going to disagree.

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But, if you're only here to tell me how wrong I am about your favorite book, or that I should shut up and write books instead of reviewing them, I will kindly ask you right now to stay the fuck off my grass. I know I'm the enemy of some of you simply because I am an author. I get that, and I try to keep my distance from you. For the most part, you keep your distance from me, too, and I appreciate it ,and this site remains a pleasant place for both of us.

Simply put, I know where I'm not wanted and I stay away, lest I welcome your hellfire. It's full of my favorite type of person in all the world--Readers.

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Because I'm a reader myself, a lifelong lover of books, and all I want to do is discuss books and share my favorite books and rage over the ones that piss me off. If I shit on your favorite books, it's because I didn't like them, not because I think I'm better than anyone else. I get that I'm a scrub, fighting his way to the top, and that some authors have been more successful than me, and for good reason. You're watching me learn.

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  8. You have front-row tickets to my literary education. But the simple fact of the matter is, sometimes, I'm not going to like what you consider to be amazing works of literature. And if you take my reviews personally, well, I just gotta say, the fucking world doesn't revolve around you. It doesn't revolve around me either. The difference between me and you is that I realize that opinions are subjective, and that your negative review of a book I like is not a personal attack on me, just like my negative review of a book you love is not a personal attack on you.

    But someone recently took it personally, which is why you're reading this stupid fucking diatribe. I was concerned that, by not giving A Prayer for Owen Meany a perfect score that I might summon down the wrath of some of you. Not all of you. Some of you. Maybe one or two of you.

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    You know who you are. I shouldn't have to say this. It should be simple common sense that a stranger's opinion is not a slight on the temple of You. It's really that simple. I like a lot of you whose taste in books boggle my mind. I hate stuff like erotica or romance or YA, but loads of my friends on here love that shit. You don't see me in their comments section raging out over their tastes. So what if I don't like the books you read? Life goes on. And I think that's my point here. Stop taking everything so fucking personally.

    They are books, for fuck's sake. They're meant to be enjoyed.