James W. Packard: Creator of the American Rolls Royce

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This is the kind of book that will make non Packards envious. And wistful for a day when a suitor comes along and pens a love letter to them, too. Try to get this book in its third printing. There are at least 10 additional pages. In fact, they're so rare that the historian who discovered them in a filing cabinet in traded a Packard for them. The filing cabinet was donated to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in It sat collecting dust for decades until Museum Curator Evan Ide rediscovered it.

The photos are artfully composed and annotated by first-person sources like James Ward Packard, among other Packard luminaries.

For the hardcore Packard fan who knows thinks he's seen it all. Kennerly Kennerly Enterprises; Charleston, SC; Kennerly describes the restoration of his Packard this way: "The car itself tells the story of its restoration and personal stories through being in a junk yard to winning its first prestigious trophies.

A true autobiography. Personally, I think it's fun to have stories like this. There are too many people in the classic car hobby who take themselves WAY too seriously. That includes Packard fans. So when a guy comes along with a restoration story that sounds like a zombie movie, I'm all in. Buy a used copy of this book just to snap yourself out of the inflated, self-important tone of many classic history books. It's a great blend of facts and storytelling. Very accessible not only for the gearhead but also for the casual fan who's interested in a compelling narrative.

Fantastic blend of compelling pictures and prose about one of America's most famous luxury car makers. A classic. Hardback, Used: Prices are all over the map. Need visuals? How about photos? Many of them are full page. You'll also find a database of known cars and owners.

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Look for the Notables section in which Marvin tells the stories of the people who designed, built, and sold Packards. This book was self-published and limited to 1, copies. Availability will be unpredictable. It's not for the beginner. Like the title says, this book is not about the cars. It's about all the other stuff that Packard was building for airplanes, boats, and the military.

If engines jump start your soul, then this book is a total defibrillator.

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And don't be put off by the high prices this book fetches when it's available. If you love Packard and its engineering efforts, the book is worth every penny. Ask the fan who owns one. Packards at Speed by Robert J. You'll learn endless facts about Packard engines race cars, airplanes, and speed boats. Look for the appendices filled with racing statistics, records, and engine tech specs.

There's also a section devoted to the personalities associated with the high-performance Packard engines. Packard performance fans: stomp on it, and buy this book if you can find it. Shown in this book are the Twelfth to Nineteenth Series Packards, including the , Packard's first 6-cylinder car in nearly a decade, the , , and the last of the fabled cylinder Packards.

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Softcover, Used: Prices vary widely. He was also a lifelong fan of coachbuilt cars. He preserved his memories and experiences in this book about Packard coachbuilt cars.

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This book is primarily a photo album with Pfau's captions providing context and insight. Although heavy on the visuals, Pfau's memories might have been lost forever if not for this book. Hardcover, Used: Prices vary. See both books listed above. Schroeder starts his book with a short history of Packard up to The rest of the book is all ads from to The reprints are all in black and white. The Packard Story by Robert E.

Packard lover. Packard restorer. And Packard author. He published this history of Packard more than a decade before anyone else had much more than a rough draft. It went through nine printings. In great detail Ward examines the last decade of Packard. It's primarily a business history. You'll learn how fate, misfortune, and bad management combined to drive one of America's most prestigious car makers right off the cliff.

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The designations were based on wheelbase not horsepower. One of the Twin Six's best testimonials came from the home of Rolls Royce. The front axles are I-beam with roller bearings and rear axles are beam tubular steel, semi-floating. Sales rose quickly, and by , their company's name was changed to Packard Motor Company.

Packard soon became widely regarded as a premier American make. Chassis Num: Engine Num: The original owner is unknown though it is believed that it may have g Toggle navigation conceptcarz. Vehicle Profiles. The Packard Twin Six was produced from - The name Twin Six would be revived years later eventually becoming known as the Packard Twelve. There were 7, examples of the Packard Twin Six sold in , its introductory year, with figures increasing to 8, in Related Reading : Packard Twelve History.