Sizzle in Hells Kitchen: Ethnic Recipes from Restaurants of New York Citys Ninth Avenue Neighborhood

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But how do I do it without offending , residents and the entire state of NJ. Almost impossible for someone who spends much of his eating time in Brooklyn and Manhattan. But I do need to eat in Staten Island on occasion, and some gems do exist.

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This will not be one of those marathon posts because a I dont really have much time today, and b Its Staten Island! The best way to examine the cuisine of Staten Island is to look at the map. It looks and feels like NJ in more ways than one. Staten Island is first and foremost a suburb with mostly suburb food. But more on that later.

They are not exactly wrong, but not quite correct either. Pizza — Yes, it is very good overall. So is Giove on New Dorp. Plenty of solid options all over the Island, but today not quite in line with the brilliance of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Italian — Pass. Nothing really wrong with that, as many of them are actually pretty good at what they do. But its and SI still doesnt really have any sort of regional Italian-Italian cooking.

Capizzi and Enoteca Maria are probably the closest and the only ones I would consider on the island today.

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You can combine it with New Asha nearby for a mini best of SI food crawl. The new half Peruvian Zabrosura is looking promising after my lone lunch. Otherwise, some average to mediocre places throughout I wont mention. Sri Lankan — This is where things start to get interesting, and perhaps the only reason to stay more than 5 minutes when you take that ferry. You got San Rasa , and Lakruwana like a Sri Lankan museum doing their thing in the far north, though my favorite ferry area joint these days is New Asha but its more of a quick lunch or take-out place.

My overall favorite restaurant in Staten Island these days is a newcomer on Richmond ave called Randiwa. Though New Asha probably boasts best Kottu on the island. Asian — This is where SI is severely lacking. Misc — Bayou, Beso, Vida are fairly reliable palate pleasers. They are like watching Family Guy. I dont get particularly excited about going, but when I go, I enjoy myself more often than not. Vida and Enoteca Maria are consistently mentioned in the Michelin guide, but I doubt inspectors cross that bridge much. Taste of India II is just about the only Indian on the island.

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I was quickly losing yet another argument in my head. And not because he knew who I was! We show up to an empty restaurant! I mean there was no one there. Seeing it empty disappointed but did not totally shock me. Give em a buzzy American Italian trattoria, a pizzeria that serves chicken parm, a few Russians to satisfy the Russian communities, a few glorifies diners like Z-one, Z-two, [Name any chain], and the residents are more than satisfied.

The ferry area is almost like a Manhattan extension, albeit too far and arguably not interesting enough for Manhattanites. The old place was too bare bones and cold looking. Not that I mind when the food is that good. By that I mean, some of the best, most unique buffets in the city. Exceptionally great value and the only buffet I take my family. But dinner is when the fun really starts. San Rasa turns out is under new management and new chef.

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While the empty house did not exactly look promising, the result was best San Rasa ever. Meet chef Lalith one name like Madonna who has taken the great chef Sanjay lead, adding his own bolder, spicier spin. You feel it right off the bat with the Mulligatawny soup. Thats the only starter I recommend. Save room for the goodies to come. Like the Lamprie, an old dutch colony classic that is the one must get here. The pictures here can only set the bar low, or prevent you from ordering it altogether.

But that would be a mistake. A fittingly bizarre combination of Ziggy and Borat for those that know me too well. Add the award winning Chicken Biryani to the list of musts here. We usually do shrimp. San Rasa — better and emptier than ever. The island of Staten is not exactly blessed with great dining. Other than Sri Lankan I cant think of any reason to pay the hefty toll to go there.

You just need to know where to look to find them. But the island residents have finally a legitimate Uzbek that can perhaps open the doors to some competition. And competition, as always, is the healthiest recipe.

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  • But Sim Sim is closer to the exception than the rule. The Uzbeks know how to grill em. The place is small and homey. No alcohol permit here, so bring your vodka, though a solid Kompot Russian fruit punch is always available. Part 1 is here. Ethnic food is a big part of our daily diet hence it requires its own page. What should you target in NYC of course depends on where you are coming from, but these are generally the areas of excellence in NYC….

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    Zabb Elee is another excellent Isan, and if you can somehow make it to Pok Pok in Brooklyn, you are in for a treat. While not exactly Thai, the Laos inspired Khe-Yo is quite unique in itself and deserves a mention.

    Sizzle in Hell's Kitchen

    Moving uptown, Moti Mahal Delux is part of a worldwide chain known for their butter chicken, and newcomer Awadh across in the west. You got a few mini empires fighting for the top rights. While Taboon continues to be a strong option in midtown, especially now with its original chef coming back. Baby sister Taboonette dishes out unique healthy[ier] street food in Union Square.

    Speaking of which…. None of the above.

    Even former none ramen establishments are joining the fun. And while you ate it, give the lemon and pepper Ramen a shot as well. In the last few years a slew of exciting young chefs like Alex Stupak has given us some very cool options. Cant leave Manhattan but still want a small taste? Veselka, Oda House, and Uncle Vanya in midtown should be able to take good care of you. Unless you are a vegeterian. Many locals are in love with Casa Mono , but I need a bit more convincing.

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    And watch out for newly opened Espoleta , some big names behind this project. I didnt think so. Vietnamese food, while still lagging behind other cities, is getting better. Filipino inspired? We got plenty of that too.. A Note from the Editor:. It was like a zoo! Not exactly. Excuse my Yiddish there. How can anyone afford to run a business or live in NYC anymore.