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You print and frame. From Gumball Prints Design. Ends Dec. A middle school boy and his brother made all their teachers one! Sure beat those scented candles and some perfume!

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While these are great ideas, you must keep in mind that not every family can afford things like gift cards. My kids picked out ornaments for their teachers, from the inexpensive ones at Target. It makes me sad that a teacher may not appreciate an ornament because she has gotten so many over the years.

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My kids took a long time picking out just the right one they wanted to give their teacher. I, like several others at my school, put up a tree in my classroom that I hang all my ornaments from students upon. My students help me decorate it each year as I share an anecdote about each of the children who gave them to me and why it was special.

Some are homemade and others purchased. BTW… great idea Jenn! It means a lot more when a teacher knows that a student has helped when picking out the gift…. And just to let you know… I still have every ornament my students have given me! I taught fourth grade before I was a stay at home mom and still hang all the ornaments my students gave me. I remember who gave me which one, even thought they are not labeled. Some of them are 10 years old. I love them because I loved the kids I taught. Honestly, some kids only gave me a card with a picture and it was special because they thought of me and I loved them.

I would not be afraid to send it in. Last year a family made lunch and brought it to the school for our grade level teachers 4 of us. They made a crock-pot full of potato soup, cheese, bacon, green onions, and a pound cake. Best gift ever!! We even had some left over to share with others on our hall. My mom only got 3 coffee mugs that year instead of the she typically gets.

Last year I made my history teacher and my chemistry teachers certificates, declaring them the most awesome teachers ever. I framed them and everything. They really seemed to like them :. We had a ton of people buy teacher holiday gifts from us last year.

The Relationship between Teacher Support and Students' Academic Emotions: A Meta-Analysis

Check it out and drop us a like to let us know what you think! Gasoline card??? You know they will all need that!!! Last year we took a collection and made a donation to a cause that is near and dear to our teachers heart. She cried when she read the card. The kids were surprised that she was so touched. It was a good lesson all the way around. Thanks so much for sharing. Then we know straight from the teacher things like favorite restaurants, hobbies, things to collect, foods, etc. You might suggest this idea to your PTA.

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The teachers are encouraged to get as specific as they can. It helps so much. One year my children gave each of their teachers a lunch tote with a bottle of water, sandwich, chips, apple, granola bar, and their favorite candy bar. The teachers seem to love it and the gift was fairly inexpensive.

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One year I got a gift bag full of oranges and a jar of homemade apple butter. I get so many cookies and treats, that the oranges were an awesome gift. The apple butter lasts a long time too, unlike so many of the Christmas treats that I end up tossing out since there are so many.

I agree wholeheartedly! It is always the little things like a candy bar with a handwritten note that mean the most. One of the best gifts I have gotten as a teacher was an umbrella and rain boots. These come in so handy! I just keep them at school and whenever the weather is bad I can just grab them from my back closet before dismissal. Just sharing! I appreciate the list…. Luckily, most of them are at the same school so we can consolidate. Anyway, I digress. We have a few favorite treat recipes and go to homemade gifts that the kids pick from each year and make the treats together — very simple kid-friendly recipes.

Thanks for the list! My sons went to Catholic grade school and had a few teachers. Thanks :. He he… My husband just rolled his eyes… actually so did my kids at the time. Thanks for sharing this great article at The Pin Junkie link party. It was featured this week! These are some great suggestions!

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A handwritten card from a student should have totally made the list! Hi there! If interested, please email me at melanie mommymentionables dot com and we can get you the post info. Thanks and congrats on being a featured pin! As the wife of a high school teacher… ALL gifts are always appreciated because it just means he is being thought of and it means so much to him. His favorite gifts? But there are so many other yummy treats there… , movie tickets, or Barnes and Noble gift cards. We have 4 kids of our own and I know it can get expensive. So even though he loves the gift cards and homemade cookies, just getting a card signed by a student is wonderful.

He saves every single card and letter he gets from students. I have found that many teachers both male and female love scentsy! I only found that out thru selling it tho lol. But its an awesome gift and it is something different. My babies traced their hands then colored. But it melted my heart last year when a student brought in a little Christmas card. I totally agree! These are the things that I save…they are reminders of why I teach!

Great ideas. Some of my friends and I used to do the traditional white elephant gift exchange but it had to be one of the gifts you got from a student. There would be some crazy ones. I once got E. Great idea! Very creative way to re-gift. What fantastic ideas — a really useful post and gives me far better ideas than previous years! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x. I like your ideas. I think we are going to get some smallish smellies type set and maybe a box of chocolates. My son also want to make each of his teachers a card to make it more personal. Although, I still have all of the coffee mugs given to me by my students from the first year of teaching, and can still remember who gave me each one. That first round of Christmas gifts was a sweet one, because I had no idea that teachers got Christmas presents!

It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I ever got. Great post! Brings me back to the sweet years I spent in the classroom.