Sturmgeschutz III in action

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The lack of a turret made the silhouette low, making it a perfect weapon for ambushes and defense efforts.

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Its armor was between 16—80 mm. Although the turretless design had its advantages, a major setback was its lack of mobility. The initial versions did not have a built-in machine gun. The StuG proved to be vulnerable in close combat against infantry, as its crew had problems with visibility. Nevertheless, it participated in numerous conflicts on the Eastern Front as the backbone of German tank destroyer units.

Sturmgeschütz III and IV 1942–45

In , the chassis of Panzer IV was adapted to house the slightly longer 7. Only the StuG IV was produced and in much smaller numbers. Their production was cheaper and faster than that of regular tanks. The commanders cupola is intended to be open, but can be built closed as well. There are quite a few parts of detail to be build around the deck. Among others the MG shield.

Bolt Action: Stug III ausf G or StuH-42

In this step the upper and lower part of the tank are "married" and all that is left, are the optional side skirts. These can be added, are historical correct but rather nimble to build and as this is goint to be a gaming model not a showcase, i decided to leave them aside.

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In these shots you can see the comparison between the earlier resin variant by Warlord Games and the new plastic kit, supplied by Italeri. In the meantime i primed the kit with Vallejo black primer using an airbrush. The assembled StuG is a characteristic and fine build, with lots of detail, more than the old resin variant.

Conclusion The price dropped by 3 pound to 20 GBP for the plastic kit, compared to the resin kits Warlord Games offers. Rubicon offers a bit more options and stowage for the same 20 pounds.

Other resin kits are more expensive, beside Blitzkrieg Miniatures, who charge 18 Pound for theirs. Amount of detail and historical correctness is on top level with this kit, as model builders have higher claims compared to wargamers.

Hetzer looking Stug III - Tank Destroyers - World of Tanks official forum

So it is a matter of taste, which kit to choose. Enjoy this article?

Die Deutschen Panzer STUG III & STUG IV (in 1 Part)

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