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We Give Thee But Thine Own

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"We Give Thee But Thine Own"

Original Text. Modern Text. The wind sits in the shoulder of your sail And you are stayed for. And these few precepts in thy memory Look thou character. Give thy thoughts no tongue, 60 Nor any unproportioned thought his act. Be thou familiar but by no means vulgar. Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel, But do not dull thy palm with entertainment 65 Of each new-hatched, unfledged comrade.

Give every man thy ear but few thy voice. TROI: Why? Because I'm not the most technically-minded person on the ship? I may have trouble telling the difference between a plasma conduit and a phase inducer, but there's more to being a bridge officer than memorising technical manuals. You could spend the next month memorising all the technical manuals in the computer, I still don't think you'd pass the test. TROI: Tell me one thing. Is there a solution? Or is this simply a test of my ability to handle a no-win situation?

TROI: Then give me time to find it. As much as I care about you, my first duty is to the ship. I cannot let any Bridge Officer serve who's not qualified. I'm sorry. The ship! TROI: Run programme. WORF: The control system for the primary containment field is not functioning. WORF: Sir, that crawlway is in a warp-plasma shaft. He would never survive the radiation. TROI: I know that. Geordi, could you repair the conduit? TROI: Then do it. That's an order. Something told me you wouldn't let this go.

You passed.

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